Tokaj Nobilis Vineyard

The family-founded Tokaj Nobilis Vineyard has been offering high quality, hand-made products ever since 2000.

The Tokaj Nobilis also provides housing for longer-staying visitors in two separated guesthouses. The 'Kisház' right next to the winery can accommodate up to six people, meanwhile the 'Udvarház' is the perfect choice for bigger groups, up to ten people. There is a common dining room and a fully equipped kitchen in both buildings. Big rooms, a huge garden, bird chirping, and absolute calmness awaits for all the guests. The garden of the bigger house ends at the dam of the Bodrog river. The winery itself is in an authentic Hungarian-style village house, built in the 19th century. Connected to the house there is also a traditional wine cellar where the wine is aging in barrels and bottles.

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