The Rabbinic House

Sáje Steiner came to Bodrogkeresztúr in 1874 as a disciple of the miracle-worker Rabbi of Olaszliszka, and married Szára (or Szórele), the daughter of the head of the local Hasidic families. Together with his wife, they built the Bodrogkeresztúr courtyard, in the centre of which was their house and the bét midrás in the courtyard, which was a synagogue, a schoolhouse and a dining room at the same time.

The miracle-working rabbi has been visited by thousands with their problems, and his miracles and advice have been widely reported. For example, many people came to the rabbi because of problems in their married life. For example, it was recorded that a Jewish husband was concerned that they had not had a child and was considering divorcing his wife, as the best remedy for childlessness, according to Orthodox Jewish principles, is divorce. But it was apparent that this man was very much in love with his wife.

So the miracle-worker rabbi asked:

- Have you ever visited a flower garden?

- Yes.

- Was it nice?

- Yes, it was.

- Were there apples, pears or other fruits in there?

- No, there were not.

- And yet it was beautiful, wasn't it?

- Yes.

- Your marriage is such a flower garden, it is still beautiful. So just enjoy the flowers.

The loving husband, reassured and happy, hurried home "to enjoy the flowers."

The rabbi died in April 1925, and on the day of his funeral 12,000 train tickets were sold at the Bodrogkeresztúr train station. On the anniversary of his death, hundreds of pilgrims came to Bodrogkeresztúr in the following years - and today pilgrims come not only on the anniversary, but at any time of the year. 

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