Seven Chieftains Park

In 1996, almost every settlement in Hungary orgnised special programs to celebrate the 1100th anniversary of the Hungarian Conquest of the Carpathian basin. Bodrogkeresztúr has created a truly exceptional park for the occasion. The 2-meter wooden sculptures created by Tibor Sárosi depict the seven chieftains of the conquering Hungarian tribes. The sculptures are located on the banks of the river Bodrog, so it's worth taking a short walk along the river. The settlement borders the Bodrogzug Landscape Protection Area. This is the only area that is always flooded during the spring floods. Its importance is well illustrated by the fact that it was included in the list of the Ramsar international sites in 1989 as a waterfowl habitat of high importance. Great egrets, black storks and ospreys can be seen in this area.