Philip the stork - stork nests

A few years ago, the main street of the village had many overhead cables, which posed a constant threat to birds in the area. The proximity of the Bodrog river makes Bodrogkeresztúr a popular habitat for storks. However, the death of Fülöp the stork, who had lived in the village for 12 years, in 2018, has also highlighted the problem of overhead cables.

The famous Bodrogkeresztúr inhabitant bird hatched from the egg in north-eastern Spain and was ringed as a chick in 2003 by an Italian ornithologist in the Ebro river valley. He got named after the then heir to the Spanish throne, now king Felipe. Fülöp, although a Spaniard, settled on the banks of the Bodrog and never left. In twelve summers, he had 34 chicks, but he didn't like commitment - he consistently chose female storks who had not been ringed.

So much loved was the loyal stork in the village that they even started a running race in his honour. So his accident in 2018 has therefore deeply affected the entire local community.

There were films about Philip, the eccentric stork, even before his accident. Like the short film below.