Dereszla hill

At the beginning of the 20th century, the main road of the village, which was part of the road between Debrecen - Tokaj - Bodrogkeresztúr - Sátoraljaújhely - Miskolc, was not the present road, which was mostly parallel to the river Bodrog, but it climbed up the Dereszla hill, in front of the Roman Catholic church (this is the reason why most of the most beautiful mansions of the village are located in this area).

As the road was very steep in one section, making it dangerous to drive on, in 1918 the road was deepened. The work uncovered a lot of prehistoric pottery, bones and stoves, but the workers largely ignored the seemingly worthless objects. It later turned out that these were the first finds from the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Copper Age in Hungary.

The treasures of the Dereszla hill can now be found in the Treasure Trove of Keresztúr.